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Ruf-fi-an (ruhf-ee-uhn)
1. A tough and rowdy person

Welcome to CrossFit Ruffian. We are a strength and conditioning facility in Cypress, Tx. We are not your typical gym. You won't find any TVs, lounge chairs or smoothie bars. What you will find is outstanding coaching, community and accountability. Strong and rowdy!

Text 'Rowdy' to: Cross (27677) to learn more about our gym!

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We utilize the CrossFit methodology as our exclusive strength and conditioning program. CrossFit touches on a variety of skills to create well rounded, fit athletes. Check it out!

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Everyone likes a little company in their lives. We are no different. The community that we are building is composed of like minded people that love to get strong, stay fit and have a blast doing it!

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Sometimes the hardest thing is making that first commitment. Let us give you a hand and make this the easiest, and most awesome decision you've ever made. You know you want to!

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We are located at:
12719 Cypress Valley Road, #A
Cypress, TX 77429